Leme Brigadeiros
Brand Design
& Identity

Brigadeiro is a classic Brazilian dessert made of chocolate with a variety of savory and sweet flavours. There is so much to love about our Brigadeiros, it's bite size, it has a fresh aroma + great texture and flavours.

Leme Brigadeiros has an exceptional quality and uses the finest ingredients to create a superior taste that you will fall in love at your first bite. Handmade one by one with love.

The design role here was to add value to the recent born brand and translates it's superior quality compared to his competition. Thru design the essence of the product could be caught. With a unique and original point of view (handwriting to express the handmade quality, not using the icon of a brigadeiro, colourful palette etc) it differentiates from the competition.

The process:
Many variations were created during the sketch / lettering process to get the desired motion, weight, attitude and stroke before digitising it.

After selecting and editing the lettering, the support typography and 
color palette were added to create the overall feeling.

Drawer style packaging, and small glass jars for the 
"brigadeiro de colher" version (spoon brigadeiro) were created.

Brigadeiro Bike 
A mobile unit for the brand
to attend events or delivery at hand.

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